A newly developed honing machine based on a new concept

Exhibiting performance with high-mix low-volume productions

A frequently changing setup results in the deterioration of productivity, which is a problem for high-mix, low-volume productions. Conventional automated reamer processing machines required setups, including changes in settings to be changed each time workpieces were replaced, which made them unsuitable for high-mix, low-volume production. It is for this reason that a unique semi-automated method was adopted for THL-05, which features automated procedures to deal with machining accuracy, while responsive action to change individual workpieces was left as manual work for the operator. High productivity is achieved in high-mix, low-volume productions by combining precision made possible through automation and flexibility that human operation allows.

Ease of use allows even novices to machining to learn to use machines very quickly

An experienced craftsman is not required for the operation of THL-05, which was created in the pursuit of ease of use. All segments of the work that deals with machining accuracy are performed automatically. The operator only needs to make knob adjustments to match the contour of the workpiece and choose the processing length and the number of revolutions to start the processing work. Specialized skills that are required for working with drilling presses and handling sensitivity are not required, while specialized knowledge or complicated commands, which are required for working with numerical control (NC) machines, are also unnecessary.

Footprint smaller than a B1-size paper for saving space

 This installation area, of width 750 mm and depth 700 mm, is the smallest in the world for honing machines. What this means is that the machine can be installed on a floor space smaller than a sheet of B1-sized paper.

Machining accuracy of 0.5 S with a Single-Pass

 Ultrahigh precision processing that delivers at 0.5 s with a Single-Pass, is possible by combining with a reamer from TAKEZAWA-SEIKI. Furthermore, the revolution of the main shaft can be set to a maximum of 4,000 rpm. Since an adequate peripheral velocity can be attained, even with a smaller diameter of about 2.5 mm the same machining accuracy can be realized.

Low implementation costs

 THL-05 incorporates adequate features, such as optimization for high-mix, low-volume productions, ease of use, high precision, and saving space, but it also provides customers with strong support in terms of implementation costs where pricing that is approximately half of conventional machines has been achieved.

Principal specifications of THL-05

Machining ability Maximum Honing diameter (mm) φ20 (FC250)
Maximum stroke (mm) 200
Distance from bed to spindle head (mm) 480
Spindle Spindle motor power (kW) AC 0.75
Spindle rotation speed (rpm) - 4000
Tool mounting (mm) φ5 - φ13(collet)
Feed Automatic Feeding motor (kW) AC0.4 1/9
(servo motor)
Preset (mm/rev) 0.05~0.5
(10 level:0.05mm interval)
Wind-up type
Oscillation Frequency (Hz) spindle synchronization
Amplitude (mm) 0.3(default)
Oscillation type Cam type
Coolant equipment Coolant pump power (W) AC180
Pump discharge rate(l/min) 40
Discharge pressure (kPa) 30
Tank volume ( l ) 60
Paper filter default
THL-05 Dimensions Height (mm) 1750
Width (mm) 750
Depth (mm) 700
Height to surface of bed (mm) 750+70
Weight (kg) 500
Optional equipment Touch panel operation OP
Workpiece chucking device OP
Amplitude (0.1~0.3mm) OP
Floating chuck OP
Shank-collet OP
High column type OP
External coolant equipment OP

New Honing Machine "THL-05"
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