Compact automatic machine with a small footprint that occupies one-third of the space

Best selection for small-diameter bore processing

Compact and highly precise

 This is a compact honing machine with dimensions of 1707 mm x 550 mm x 600 mm (occupying one-third of the footprint in comparison with our other products).


【High precision】
 Honing processes can be achieved with a micron level tolerance with Single-Pass processing when combined with the reamers from TAKEZAWA-SEIKI.  Furthermore, high precision and long tool life have been realized through the incorporation of an oscillation mechanism that is synchronized to the main shaft. The amplitude is fixed to 0.3 mm (standard).  The amplitude can be adjusted to suit the quality of work materials, which extends the range of settings for a highly precise surface roughness.

Servo mechanism incorporated

 Servo mechanism incorporated for feeding. This makes it possible to set up a transfer amount with ultrahigh precision.  Furthermore, it becomes much easier to respond to a highly precise adjustment of the surface roughness for complete au.tomation.

Compatible for complete automation

 The fitting of mechanisms for supplying, conveying, and delivering mechanisms makes it possible to be compatible for full automation.

Principal specifications of TKF-05

Machining ability Maximum Honing diameter (mm) φ16
Maximum stroke (mm) 300
Example of machining accuracy
Maximum cutting stock (mm) 0.03(diameter)
Roundness(μm) 1.0 or less
Straightness (μm) 1.5 or less
Cylindricity(μm) 2.0 or less
Spindle Spindle motor power (kW) AC 0.4 , 0.75
Spindle rotation speed (rpm) 100~3000
Tool mounting (mm) φ5~φ13(collet)
Feed Feeding motor (kW) AC 0.2
Feeding speed (mm/min) 5~6000
Oscillation Oscillation motor None
(spindle synchronization)
Amplitude (mm) 0.05~0.5
Coolant equipment Type Built-in type
Coolant pump power (kW) AC 0.4
Pump discharge rate (l/min) 30
Discharge pressure (MPa) 0.1
Tank volume ( l ) 80
TKF-05 Dimensions Height (mm) 2100
Width (mm) 700
Depth (mm) 950
Height to surface of bed (mm) 650+100
Weight (kg) 700
Optional equipment Automatic tool expansion equipment OP
Spindle oscillation mechanism Standard equipment
Oscillation number variable OP
Workpiece chucking device OP
Transfer equipment OP
Totally-enclosed type splash guard OP
Magnet separator OP
High column type OP
Twin head type OP
Twin spindle type OP
Oil hole type OP
External coolant equipment OP
Other feature Universal joints can be used.
Floating holders can be used.